ValueAlpha is a specialist advisory firm which works with boards, directors and company secretaries to embed high-quality governance and improve organisational outcomes.  Time and resource devoted to governance activity represents a sound investment – it helps an organisation improve its effectiveness, measured by the quality of its decision-making, and improves the prospects for creating value.  An unwillingness to take governance seriously is one of the reasons why organisations fail.

ValueAlpha advises in the following areas

Board evaluation – from formal board effectiveness reviews to board facilitation on a range of governance and strategy-related challenges
Governance audit – including restructuring of boards and ExCos, reviewing governance structures
Training and Development – bespoke in-house workshops, focused on board and director effectiveness
Training courses – workshops and seminars on good practice corporate governance; directors’ duties; the role of the company director; the role of the company secretary; strategy and risk
Leadership Development – for company secretaries and governance professionals operating in the boardroom, who wish to develop the leadership skills needed to step into the top role
Presentation skills – for executives making presentations, talking to the media, and representing their organisation at a senior level
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Building Better Boards – In Crisis And In Steady State

The world is in lockdown. Face-to-face business interactions, from board meetings to town hall conversations, have disappeared overnight. In-person networking opportunities will not be possible for another year
We have a different kind of time on our hands
But we still need to stay in touch
We need to find new ways of building and maintaining our networks, and continuing our professional growth – as governance professionals, and members of the board community, turning the enormous challenges we are facing to positive effect
In particular, we need to be talking to each other, to discuss the challenges we are facing now, and the challenges – and opportunities – we will face as the new, post-pandemic, world emerges
In sum, we need to continue to grow as governance professionals
My members-only Facebook group will allow us to discuss developments in the world of governance, and exchanges ideas and reflect on the way the world is changing through the lens of this key business discipline
To join the Building Better Boards Facebook Group, attend my webinar on Monday 1 June – register here
We will discuss the here and now – how we are dealing with the disruption caused by the virus
As well as looking further ahead at governance developments, in the UK and around the world
Preparing to be ready for when the world economy emerges in its new form, with its new working practices, and its new governance requirements
It will be a global discussion – involving governance professionals from around the world
Membership of the Facebook Group will allow you to access benefits including
additional resources
special offers and discounts to online seminars and events
being the first to hear about new initiatives
The discussion will draw on the experience we all have to offer to become better governance professionals, and build better boards, in times of crisis, as well as steady state
To join the Building Better Boards Facebook Group, attend my webinar on Monday 1 June – register here

What Our Clients Say

Made manifest much of what was instinctive and as such has created a focus for me. Very thought provoking.  A very interesting man.
Training and development - Chairman, Regional Body

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