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How to succeed as a top company secretary (at a relatively young age!) Or, putting out fires, not fanning the flames

Peter Speirs is one of the youngest Company Secretaries in the UK FTSE100.  His company – Hikma Pharmaceuticals, a (Jordanian) family-owned enterprise – develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of branded and non-branded generic pharmaceutical products. Peter was the guest speaker at the September dinner of the Leadership Development Programme.  What lessons was Peter able to offer about

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A crisis in the boardroom needs a steady hand behind the scenes

Whatever your political viewpoint, the political earthquake which has hit the UK  will potentially destroy value, as well as create opportunities which are not yet immediately obvious. Yet what struck me as I watched the drama unfold – particularly the resignation of David Cameron as Prime Minister (the defining moment) – was that, behind the scenes, someone

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Improving governance inside your organisation

Would you like to improve the quality of governance inside your organisation? As an introduction, read my blog about my discussion with George Alagiah, BBC journalist, about value destruction. We talked about whether governance failure, or economics failure, was likely to wreak the most damage. Then sign up for my two-day workshop on how to

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