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A crisis in the boardroom needs a steady hand behind the scenes

Whatever your political viewpoint, the political earthquake which has hit the UK  will potentially destroy value, as well as create opportunities which are not yet immediately obvious. Yet what struck me as I watched the drama unfold – particularly the resignation of David Cameron as Prime Minister (the defining moment) – was that, behind the scenes, someone

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Why governance professionals should promote the Galileo Principle

There may seem little in common between Galileo and company secretaries and other governance professionals, but bear with me! Galileo (1564 – 1642) lived towards the end of the Renaissance period, a time of social and cultural change which produced other great cultural polymaths such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. Galileo was known as

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20 (yes 20) ways a company secretary can help deliver a successful ethics policy. Or, ‘It’s not only CEOs who don’t sleep at night!’

The Leadership Development Programme*, under the guidance of Ashridge Business School, recently discussed how company secretaries can support the  delivery of a successful  ethics policy – and, in so doing, establish their credibility as the ‘go to’ expert on governance issues. It is important to have a simple definition of ethical behaviour which resonates with work colleagues,

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