While the UK Corporate Governance Code applies to the business world, its guidance is followed more widely. Provision 21 of the Code states that ' There should be a formal and rigorous annual evaluation of the performance of the board, its committees, the chair and individual directors. The chair should consider having a regular externally-facilitated board evaluation ... at least every three years.' I wrote the original Financial Reporting Council good-practice Guidance on Board Effectiveness, a document referenced extensively in the UK and internationally. I have taken the thinking set out in the Guidance and, using my experience working with boards and directors in a variety of sectors, developed a methodology for structuring a robust board evaluation process. One recent evaluation led to the following feedback - 'We engaged Value Alpha to carry out an independent board evaluation. What we got was a board evaluation completed with such diligence, thought, intelligence, tenacity and rigour that the recommendations of the review added insight and challenge to future recruitment, strategic direction and process. I simply cannot recommend Seamus and Value Alpha highly enough. If you want an objective, pragmatic and strategic brain to challenge and add huge value to your organisation, then choose Value Alpha'. If you would like to know more about the Value Alpha approach to board evaluation, please contact me on +44 (0) 7739 088208 or at

My Services

I work in a variety of contexts, and a range of sectors. I conduct board evaluations, facilitate board strategy sessions, train in areas including directors' duties and responsibilities, and carry out a range of bespoke interventions. I have significant experience of working in different regions of the world, different organisational settings and different company cultures.

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Building Better Boards - In Crisis and In Steady State

My members’ Facebook group discusses developments in the world of governance, and exchanges ideas and reflects on the way the world is changing through the lens of this key business discipline.

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What My Clients Say

My aim is to create value for the client by being as knowledgeable about governance as possible, and creating an environment within which both individuals and the organisation can make progress in the governance journey. I are proud of the feedback I receive, and use it to understand how to provide an even better service next time.

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