LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME DINNER - The next Programme dinner, with guest speaker David Styles, Director of Corporate Governance at the Financial Reporting Council, takes place on 28 June 2017.  There are a limited number of guest places available.  If you would like to attend, contact me by emailing seamus@valuealpha.com  or by phone (07739 088208).  For an account of the last dinner, with guest speaker Claire Davies, Group Secretary at Barclays, see my post on the website, below.

Our Services

We work in a variety of contexts, and a range of sectors. We conduct board evaluations, facilitate board strategy sessions, train in areas including directors duties and responsibilities, and carry out a range of bespoke interventions. We have significant experience of working in different regions of the world, different organisational settings and different company cultures.

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Leadership Development

The Leadership Development Programme for company secretaries and governance professionals helps ambitious individuals 'step up' to become strategic governance advisers to the board and directors, and promote with confidence the high-quality governance which leads to improved organisational performance, and value creation.

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What Our Clients Say

Our aim is to create value for the client by being as knowledgeable about governance as possible, and creating an environment within which both individuals and the organisation can make progress in the governance journey. We are proud of the feedback we receive, and use it to understand how to provide an even better service next time.

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Value Alpha is a specialist advisory firm which works with boards, directors and company secretaries to embed high-quality governance and improve organisational outcomes.  Time and resource devoted to governance activity represents a sound investment – it helps an organisation improve its effectiveness, its efficiency, and the quality of its decision-making, and thereby creates value.  An unwillingness to take governance seriously is one of the reasons why organisations fail.


Board evaluation – from formal board effectiveness reviews to board facilitation on a range of governance and strategy-related challenges
Governance audit – including restructuring of boards and ExCos, reviewing governance structures
Training and Development – bespoke in-house workshops, focused on board and director effectiveness
Training courses – workshops and seminars on good practice corporate governance; directors’ duties; the role of the company director; the role of the company secretary; strategy and risk
Leadership Development – for company secretaries and governance professionals operating in the boardroom, who wish to develop the leadership skills needed to step into the top role
Presentation skills – for executives making presentations, talking to the media, and representing their organisation at a senior level
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The Leadership Development Programme provides a structured programme of executive development for governance professionals who wish to ‘reach the next level’, including the top job. The Programme helps Candidates improve their career prospects by developing the soft skills needed to increase their effectiveness in the areas employers consider business-critical.  To find out more, click here.
The next Programme dinner, with guest speaker Penny Thomas, Company Secretary, Shaftesbury PLC, takes place on 1 December 2016.  There are a limited number of guest places available.  If you would like to attend, contact me by emailing seamus@valuealpha.com  or by phone (07739 088208).  For an account of the last dinner, with guest speaker Peter Speirs, Company Secretary, Hikma Pharmaceuticals, click here.


When we initiated our board evaluation exercise, we were looking for a firm which had credibility based on its experience and specialist knowledge of boardroom situations for listed companies, as well as an ability to engage personally with our directors. Those were the key drives behind our choice of Value Alpha. The analysis, interaction and outputs were of a high quality, as expected, and we consider the exercise to have been a success.
Board evaluation - FTSE Listed company - Company Secretary

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